Art as a Spiritual Practice – Owning Buddhist Thangka Art for Enlightenment

The  Buddhist Tradition of Thangka art serves a very different and high purpose. It is foremost a form of worship. Buddhist Art and the process of creating it, is seen as a direct path to enlightenment- the full unfoldment of human potential. The purpose of such art is to develop ultimate wisdom in the artist and and also the observer of the art. The enlightenment of all sentient beings should be the sole motivation of the artist according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

To meet this lofty goal, creating Buddhist art necessitates a deep understanding of the tenets and doctrines of Buddhism within the mind and heart of the artist. Living these tenets and adhering to the practices of art as outlined in the scriptures insures that the artist will grow in his own enlightenment and that his art will be a powerful medium for others to progress on the spiritual path.

Buddhist art centers around creating images of Lord Buddha, Bodhisattvas and many other divine beings. The tradition of producing these images in the correct proportions is very precise. The geometrical and mathematical techniques of correct drawing and painting have been passed on over the centuries in Buddhist monasteries to ardent and devoted spiritual seekers. It is in following these practices that the Tibetan Buddhist art of thangka gains divine power. It is only recently that this art form can be learned outside of a Buddhist monastery.

There are several reasons why you should consider owning a thangka painting.

1. Something of the celestial realm is captured in every thangka painting. These paintings make a great focal point of your meditation or yoga room. They promote divine understanding and create an aura of peace in the environment.

2. Having a painting of your Ishta Devata (specific Divine Being that resonates with your  Nature) in your home creates bliss and joy. Contact us to learn more about discovering your Ishta Devata.

3. Purchasing a Tibetan Buddhist Thangka artwork supports traditional artists in Nepal. Like most indigenous art, Tibetan Buddhist art risks fading from history as artists struggle to sell their works. Most of the Nepalese artists do not have the internet savvy to reach the broader world and thus their customer base is limited. 

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