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Nepal Art Paintings and Posters

Sacred Art of Nepal is happy to offer Nepal art paintings and posters. Nepal is one of the most lively and prolific sources of Tibetan Buddhist Thankga paintings and posters. Nepal’s close proximity to Tibet has allowed for a free sharing of the art form from Tibet’s master painters to Nepal’s master painters for hundreds of years.

Tibetan Buddhist Thangka art is an important part of Nepalese culture and tradition. Mountain artists of Nepal patiently execute detailed masterpieces in their secluded studios often taking many months to create one masterpiece. Many and varied techniques are used to create one Nepal Art painting and poster.  Often several artists collaborate on one painting -each contributing their best skills to create a stunning and powerful painting.

 In the tradition of Nepal Tibetan Buddhist Thangka art painting, works of art are not signed. The work is considered an expression the Divine and as such the human ego cannot take credit for the final product. Thus several artists can work harmoniously to the common end product.

 In land-locked Nepal, after mountaineering, trekking and tourism, Thangka art painting is one of the main sources of income. We invite you to enjoy for yourself one these hand-painted original Nepal Art paintings and posters. Each painting brings a bit of Nepal, the birthplace of Lord Buddha into your home to enjoy.