About Our Artists

From our Sacred Art of Nepal writers:

In Nepal, the ancient art of Tibetan Buddhist Thangka Art is still kept alive in mountain families around the country. Until recently this art was not commonly available - it was a spiritual art form only practiced by monks and kept in Buddhist Monasteries for worship and contemplation.

I traveled to Nepal in July 2019 to learn this art form and studied at the art studio/shop of Manoj Lama and his nephew Bibek Ghising located in Pokhara, Nepal.

After learning and studying and creating for several months, I developed a great love and appreciation for this art. The Tibetan Buddhist art style is sacred and enlivens the mind and heart when viewed.  Its display in the home or office creates a positive influence or harmony and beauty. 

My experience was so profound and transformational, I wanted to give more people the opportunity to own this art. I brought back art with me and I will be making available more creations as Manoj and Bibek send new art from their own studio and from other regional artists.

About My Artists

Manoj Lama began the study of Thangka art at the age of 14 in a Buddhist monastery. He had long years of study and experience before he started his shop and school in Pokhara.  Manoj is a Buddhist Lama (priest) and is very devoted to the study of the Buddhist texts and the Sacred Art of Thangka.

 Manoj Lama-founder of Mental Paradise Thangka Shop and School in Pokhara

Manoj's protege and nephew -Bibek Ghising is a naturally talented artist. Bibek is 18 years old and is very disciplined and creative. After several years of study, he is now producing and selling his own art under his uncle's guidance. Manoj and Bibek often collaborate on bigger pieces of art such as the one they are shown working on in this blog post.

Bibek Ghising hopes to make a career of his art but the future of Thangka art is uncertain since it is not very well-known outside of Asian countries.

Here I am (Marie Viglas) starting a painting under the tutelage of my talented young teacher. 

As the work progresses, it requires more intense focus. 

My first canvas of Green tara

completed with the support of Bibek and Manoj.